In 2015 I Will…

Lose weight. Organize my closets. See my friends more. Volunteer. Eat kale. Watch less tv.

By Saturday I’ll be sitting in my bed covered with clothes that no longer fit me, spooning through a container of Peanut Butter Half-Baked while watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey and texting my friend who lives around the corner.

The self-improvement goals may fall quickly by the wayside, but I will make an effort to honor my travel resolutions for the new year. Inspired by Geoff Kohl’s terrific article, I’m sitting down this week to define my goals for 2015. I love his suggestion to “have one really rural experience.” I’ve visited my niece’s alpaca farm and have no interest in getting that country close again. But I have always wanted to camp. Like deep-frying a turkey, it’s an activity that terrifies me. Maybe I’ll take the leap this year. The latrines aren’t getting any younger after all.

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I forgot to include “Attend a Festival” in my end-of-summer must-do list from last week. You’ve got plenty of choices; Hudson Valley Magazine listed 32 scheduled for the summer of 2014. I took advantage of Sunday’s beautiful weather to indulge my love of pork and headed to the 10th Hudson Valley RibFest, hosted by the Highland Rotary Club in New Paltz, New York.

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The RibFest is held on the Ulster County Fairgrounds, a beautiful spot in the shadow of the Shawangunk Mountains.

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Summer’s Last Gasp

Labor Day looms, casting its end-of-season shadow over the next few weeks. The bathing suits have already disappeared from department stores, replaced by jackets and Halloween decorations. Before the chill returns to the Hudson River Valley, get out and enjoy summer’s sweet treats. Continue reading

Planes, Trains, But No Automobiles


Our photo albums are filled with pictures of family members with cars, like this one of my dad.

My sister’s first car was a peach Volaré. It had faux Corinthian leather seats and, when you turned on the a/c, white smoke puffed out of the vents. We referred to this malfunction as the “papal election”.

Do you remember your first car? Did you name it?

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Last Call-Updated

The giveaway for 2 Free Passes to the Museum at Bethel Woods ended yesterday. Congratulations to Melinda Gates!! Thank you to everyone who entered!

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“Woodstock was both a peaceful protest and a global celebration.”-Richie Havens