This One’s for the Wanderers


I read a post yesterday by Lesley Carter on Bucket List Publications.  She was one of my first “likes” when I began this blog, so she’s earned a special place in my heart.

She started an effort to grow her viewership by adding links to other travel-related blogs. This pay it forward approach appeals to me, so I’m joining the effort by posting the links that appear on the Friends list on Bucket List Publications on this page.  And, if you’re a travel blogger and would like to add your site, please add a link to mine and send me a note.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J. R. R. Tolkien

1.All About Travel –

2. The Barra Strait Inn –

3. World Family Travellers –

4. North American Education Explorers –

5. Rig Mover –

6. The Penniless Traveler –

7. How the Cookie Crumbles-

8. Success Life –

9. Christine Bernasconi –

10. Island Time Travel –

11. JamaicaMania –

12. Stepping my way to bliss –

13. My Magic 100 (What’s on YOUR Disney Bucket List?) –

14. Davies Family Blog –

15. Not a Clue Adventures –

16. Dream BIGGER –

17. Orvieto or Bust –

18. Southwest Adventurer –

19. Jill Archer –

20. The Island Journal –

21. No Travels, No Life. –

22. No More One Day –

23. Heartland515′s Blog –

24. Hike. Blog. Love. –

25. Definition of Sanity –

26. The Brighter Side of Life –


28. Life’s too short for cheap wine –

29. Scott Fillmer –

30. Sarah on the Road –

31.I Live in Beauty –

32. Loving Sao Paulo –

33. matthewoharedance –

34. Cosy Travels of the Viking and his Kitten –

35. Lyon & Co. –


37. Sliced Tea –

38. Found… Travel –

39. Beach Chair Scientist  –

40. nine & a half hours ahead –

41. traveldestinationbucketlist –

42. Faith in the Dominican Republic –

43. Roads to Travel –

44. Crystal Blue Surfaces –

45. The Everyday Adventurer –

46. Leisure Time –

47. The S#!T To-Do List –

48. Lovely Shoots –

49. Seizing Life –

50. The Friendly Giraffe –

51. Under the Red Sun –

52. Czech the Flip –

53. Alabama Road Trippin –

54. Wedia Wix –

55. Carr Party of Five –

56. L&L Photography –

57. Journeys By Jill –

58. This is Kenya –

59. There & Back –

60. A Lifetime’s Exploration –

61. Adventures We Seek –

62. Your Guide to Fort Myers Beach –

63. Wander Lust Girl –

64. Hermit Hideaways –

65. Meg Travels –

66. On the Shores of Lake Geneva –

67. Roundin’ The Turn –

68. Happy Impermanence –

69. Left Turn Ahead –

70. SKEdazzles –

71. SKEdaddle –

72. Vagabond Vo –

73. Catena Travel –

74. Susan McDaniel Travel –

75. Surf n Slide –

76. westafrican princess –

77. Roger B. Stillz –

78. Walking in Sonoma –

79. Farside Travel Stories –

80. Love Living Colorado –

81. James Thomson Photography –

82. Berean Travels –

83. The Single Gourmet and Traveller –

84. Bucket List Publications –

85. Red Road Diaries –

86. Foodie for Two –

87. Everywhere Once –

88. Dutch Goes Italian –

89. Bringing Europe Home –

90. Travel Photography by Dmitrii Lezine –

91. Pat Bean’s Blog –

92. The Palladian Traveler –

93. Lana in Sweden –

94. Realize Your Dreams –

95. Czech the Flip –

79 thoughts on “This One’s for the Wanderers

  1. I agree that Lesley was the first to respond to my posts as well. She is a true inspiration. Since you have added me and I have added you, I too like lovelivingincolorado, will begin to add other site links to my page as friends.

  2. Oh, how kind… thank you so much :)! And to be listed underneath my favorite quote :). Lots of kindred spirits here, I’m sure :). I’m so excited to learn about and read your blog!

  3. While I’m not a travel blogger, I do love me some travel blogs 🙂 Also, the picture on your blog as well as the quote from one of my favorite authors, J.R.R. Tolkein made my day!

  4. What a great idea! Thanks for adding There & Back to the list. I’m very new to WordPress, but will reciprocate as soon as I figure out how to add links to my site (easy tutorials appreciated).

    • It’s all about the widgets, Jennifer. If you add the “Blogs I Follow” widget, all of the blogs you’ve “followed” will be added automatically. You can title the list whatever you’d like. Hope it helps.

      • Thanks, that makes sense. I’ve figured out how to put widgets in my sidebar (and have put my followers there), but still have to work out how to put links in a post like this one. One step at a time, I guess.

      • Thank you so much for the guidance. Many things seem complicated until you know how to do them; then they seem easy. I am still in the first stage but working on it.

      • Thanks, I’m so glad you like it. I’m definitely a newbie. I started in mid May by accident, but then got hooked. There are so many awesome blogs out there, I’m just happy to be a part of the whole thing.

  5. What a long and impressive list. I read quite a few of those as well and I am so glad you popped over to thisfloridalife so I could discover yours. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Happy Travels!

  6. Are we not all travelers in this life-long journey? lol Just messin’ with you! lol Love your “share it” attitude and support of all of us other bloggers! You’re a real peach! And a wonderful writer! Thanks! xo

  7. I love the photo with the ladies and the zebra. That is back when, as Merle Haggard says in one of his songs, when the women where ladies and could chop wood too.

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