“Oh, Christmas Twig. Oh, Christmas Twig.”

We have a home in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains and retreat there for the weekend following Christmas. Upon arrival, my kids conduct a stealth mission to find a mangy evergreen in need of a trim. They lop off 2 or 3 feet, scurry home, shove it in a stand and swaddle it in cotton batting in an attempt to keep it upright. We festoon it with a string of lights, some faded construction paper chains, and the handcrafted ornaments the kids made in elementary school – think elbow macaroni glitter-glued to a paper plate. We gather round and “ooh” and “aah” over the Christmas Twig as if it were the one in Rockefeller Center.

IMG_0481 2

Holiday traditions can be silly or strange, touching or tacky. Care to share some of yours?

One thought on ““Oh, Christmas Twig. Oh, Christmas Twig.”

  1. Mine involve food, specifically a cookie called the sandbakelser. I make it every year, have since I was a kid, although no Swedish blood anywhere in the family tree. Decades later I asked my mom why she wanted me to make them, and she said “It gave you something to do and kept you out of my hair so I could wrap presents.” And now we can’t have Christmas in our family without them…. go figure.

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