Traveling This Summer? Don’t Leave Home Without This.

It’s not a prehistoric birth control device.

It’s a porcelain toothbrush stand from Muji. Here it is in context:

And, currently, it’s my favorite travel item. It occupies a tiny place in my toiletry big yet gives me so much pleasure when I unpack it upon arrival. In hotels, it takes up precious little real estate on a tiny sink top. Previously, I used one of the glasses from the room. If it was glass, I’d worry about knocking it over and sending shards all over the place. And plastic ones would topple.

Bring it to a friend’s apartment or rental and you’re not required to share the owner’s toothbrush holder. That always seemed a bit too close for comfort.

It’s simple, pretty and practical, the holy trinity for determining whether something makes the cut and earns a place in my suitcase.

It’s $5.50 and comes in a variety of colors so you can code your family members and is available online or in retail locations.



5 thoughts on “Traveling This Summer? Don’t Leave Home Without This.

  1. Adorable! I’ve got to check out more of this Muji gear — you’ve found some really neat things! Bon voyage — have some frites and a few Belgian brews for me!!

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