Oh! The Places You’ll Want to Go in 2016

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, cariocas landscape, general view with the Christ of Corcovado

All I want for Christmas is a bucket list trip. Rio, anyone? (Photo: Travel + Leisure)

Between the shopping and wrapping and baking and singing, I like to pause during the holidays and daydream about the vacations I want to take in the new year. Every December there are many “Best Of” lists published and each one comes with gorgeous slideshows. I pour a glass of wine, kick back, and swoon. It’s Tinder for travelaholics: swipe right, swipe right, SWIPE RIGHT! Continue reading

It’s a Small World After All

The Open Suitcase had 14 views this morning, 12 from the Czech Republic.  Hmmm. Then I realized they were probably searching for Wroclaw (one of the sites for Euro 2012) and wound up on the Polish pottery post.  It is always surprising and surprisingly comforting to realize how small and intimate our planet has become.exotic puppets

Bowled Over: The Pottery of Poland

polish pottery wroclawMy sister moved to Poland in February 2011, a two-year corporate reassignment. She’s based in Wroclaw, formerly Breslau, Germany. The town of Boleslawiec (Say it 3 times fast. I dare you.) is located approximately 120 kilometers from Wroclaw and is famous for the handcrafted pottery produced there for over 350 years, according to the Museum of Ceramics.  I attempted a visit but was thwarted at the train station. Of the thirty or so people milling about, no one spoke enough English to convince me that the train I was about to board was the right one. Because I only had three days in Poland, I could not afford to wake up from my travel nap in a distant, unidentifiable, unpronounceable eastern European burg.
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