Florida for Grownups – St. Pete Part II

Last week I introduced you to St. Pete (Florida For Grownups-Part I), a sophisticated city destination for grownups seeking to explore a Disney-alternative in Florida.  Here are some of the great things to do while you’re there.

P1000660The best way to orient yourself is to take an evening walking tour with Ghost Tours.com.  Leaving from the Hooker Tea Company (this is a PG-13 trip after all) the tour winds along Beach Drive, the centerpiece of the city’s revitalization efforts. You’ll pass rumored haunts, like the Vinoy, several private residences and the Ponce De Leon. According to our guide a former Rockette burned to death in the hotel. And Ceviche, its top-notch tapas restaurant, was used as a morgue during World War II.  This may be your first clue that you’re not in Orlando anymore. Continue reading

On the Heels of the Horseman: A Visit to Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy HollowThe little boy in the front pew threw one hand up as the other hand frantically waved a Headless Horseman picture book while hollering out his question, “Do you know THIS GUY?” The docent in the Old Dutch Church replied, “I’ll get to him in a minute,” and calmly continued to describe the church-going habits of Lord and Lady Philipse.

Since trailers for the new Sleepy Hollow television series were interrupting my football game every 3 1/2 minutes, I decided to head over to the actual town and check out a couple of the area landmarks, including Washington Irving’s home and the Old Dutch Church and Cemetery. It’s an appropriate time of the year to visit because this part of Westchester County has embraced Halloween and schedules many popular events, like the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze. Continue reading