Going in Circles? Take the Exit Ramp.

Atocha Station MadridDo I turn left or right at the big baby head?

Not the kind of question I ask myself on a regular Tuesday. But when I’m traveling, questions like these arise fairly regularly, usually when I’m lost, having made two or three misguided attempts to find my destination.

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“Get Out!”

Rick Steves delivered this year’s commencement address at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, exhorting the graduates to “GET OUT!”
He touched on familiar themes, encouraging the students to define their own success and to challenge the powers that be. Steves stated his belief that society uses our innate fear to mute our compassion for others, transforming us into mindless consumers/producers. One way to combat this tendency is to “live your life as a traveler.” “Fear,” Steves said, “is for people who don’t get out much.” Continue reading

Open Suitcase. Insert Foot.

Union Station Timetable

Every departure’s on time?
A traveler’s dream.
And highly unlikely.

My brilliant friends on the creative team of Brandstorm NYC suggested I add a category to address those travel disasters that you see coming, but are helpless to avert. They proposed the title and I think it’s genius, comparing vacation mishaps to the verbal blunders that you wish you could physically catch as they’re rolling off your tongue. Continue reading