Oh No! Oh No! I Can’t Drive in the Snow! Or Can I?

The road trip is a beloved American phenomenon and something Europeans simply don’t understand. They muse, “Why, for the love of God, would you want to drive yourself around when you can hop on a high-speed train?” And they’re right. I’d never wedge my family, the dog and suitcases into a Citroën and then negotiate a stick shift. Continue reading

A Walk in the Woods

Solo hiker in NYS Rockefeller Preserve.

“Whose woods these are I think I know.” – Robert Frost

Learning to ski when I turned 40 was ambitious. And stupid. I’m sure others do it successfully, but I’m not one of them. We went to the right place  to learn – Breckenridge, Colorado – and I dutifully enrolled the kids and me in ski school. They took to it like penguins to ice. Me? I flipped and floundered and twisted and writhed. When I charged down the mountain, it was beautiful. When finesse was required (the lift, bumps, turns), I was lost. Continue reading

A Hearty Thank You…

…to everyone who participated in my recent giveaway. The winner, as chosen by Rafflecopter is…

Chris Mooney!  Chris happens to be one of my original “followers” (the good type, not the creepy kind as in the Kevin Bacon series) so it’s nice to see him recognized for his loyalty. The Super Bowl XLVIII baseball cap will hit the post in the next day or so, weather permitting.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays – got any interesting travel plans? I am putting some distance between me and Old Man Winter and, if California’s as pleasant as I recall, I may not return!