The Persistence of Food

The upcoming release of the flick “Looper” has sparked conversations about the possibility of time travel. Physicists discount the notion – something about the improbability of quarks, black holes and sun spots occurring simultaneously to produce the necessary quantum vector spatial shift.

Scientific mumbo jumbo. Time travel’s as simple as queuing up “California Dreamin'” on Spotify. WHOOSH!! I’m back in Colgate University’s pub, creatively named The Pub. The jukebox is pumping out the Mamas and Papas (it was stocked with music in 1965 and no one ever updated the selections), and I’m downing a quarter draft, waiting for the presidential debate between Dukakis and Bush Sr. Continue reading

Field of Dreams: A Visit to Training Camp

Preseason football games can’t really be considered games since no one cares who wins or loses. The starters participate for a limited number of series and, even with the restricted play, run the risk of season-ending injury. I avoid watching them and never attend. Why should I start the negative thinking in July when it’s still possible to remain optimistic that maybe, just maybe, this is our year to be Super Bowl Champions? A girl’s got a right to dream.SUNY Cortland NY Jets Continue reading