What’s In Your Wallet?

When Samuel L. challenges me with that question, I feel like one of the patrons held hostage in the Pulp Fiction diner. I start to sweat and throw myself face down on the floor. He terrifies me.

Most of the time Samuel L. isn’t purring in my ear, so I ignore this question and don’t give a thought to what’s in my wallet.

Until I lost it.

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A Grammar Question for the Digital Age

This post was going to be about the travel equivalent of the little black dress. You know. The indispensable item you throw into your suitcase first, wherever the destination, be it Belize, Boston or Bhopal. The post idea was prompted by an article that appeared                    the Huffington Post.

That’s where I stopped. I didn’t know whether to fill that blank with “in” or “on”. Continue reading

Kud-ZUUU!! Gesundheit.

Doomsday preppers have readied themselves for many end-of-days scenarios:  zombie apocalypse, alien apocalypse, viral apocalypse.  A recent trip to Georgia revealed the true danger lurking in our midst and led me to wonder how many survivalists have set aside a cache of vegetation killer?


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Open Suitcase. Insert Foot.

Union Station Timetable

Every departure’s on time?
A traveler’s dream.
And highly unlikely.

My brilliant friends on the creative team of Brandstorm NYC suggested I add a category to address those travel disasters that you see coming, but are helpless to avert. They proposed the title and I think it’s genius, comparing vacation mishaps to the verbal blunders that you wish you could physically catch as they’re rolling off your tongue. Continue reading