…to Nerdtrips, winner of the CoolStream Bluetooth headphones.

Nerd Trips is a history/travel blog exploring “Roads Less Traveled to Presidents, Poets and Other Historic Persons.” The creator/head nerd behind it is Sharon Boston, who lives in Baltimore. In 2002, a coworker was making fun of Sharon’s excursion to the home of President Rutherford B. Hayes asking, “Are you going on another one of your Nerd Trips?” With that, Sharon’s lifelong interest visiting historic homes had an official name and a renewed focus.

When Sharon started sharing funny stories of the strange sites and quirky people she met on her Nerd Trips, friends encouraged her to write a blog, which she launched in 2010.  She has traveled to dozens of presidential and historical sites, and loves discovering what’s unique about the individuals who have shaped our history. She also likes exploring small towns and local eateries as well as sharing laughs with family and friends who have come along for the ride.

Sharon says she is looking forward to trying the CoolStream Bluetooth headphones since her ear buds were really bothering her on a recent flight from London, the first international trip since the blog launched. British Nerd Trips included the Charles Dickens museum, Ben Franklin house, Handel house museum and Sherlock Holmes museum.

Sharon says she tries to keep an “open suitcase,” but usually over packs! You can read about her travels at

Nerd TripsThanks to all who entered.

Photo: Exeter Science and Entertainment