Help! I Need Travel Ideas for the New Year

The Open Suitcase needs travel ideas for the new year. Where’d you go in 2016? What did you love? Or hate? Leave your suggestions for places to visit, foods to eat, and things to do, or not do, in the comments section for a chance to win some travel inspiration.


The calendar flips in a few days and I need travel ideas for the new year. It’s how I survive winter.

I’m inviting you to play a round of show and tell. Continue reading

My Kingdom for a Sharpie

Favorite commercial of all time? ¬†Probably the Staples one with the dad dancing through the aisles with his depressed children as “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” plays in the background.


Back to school season. New notebooks. Shiny binders. Push pins.

In packing for our beach house family reunion, the thought of office supplies did not occur to me. I was too busy loading boxes full of coffee, salt and pepper shakers, band aids and aloe. My sister-in-law arrived with forest-killing amounts of paper provisions. With 18 people using the bathrooms, you simply can’t have enough toilet paper. At one point, I considered giving everyone a lanyard so they could wear a personal roll around their necks. Continue reading