The People Have Spoken…

Arthur and Pauline Frommer

Arthur and Pauline Frommer (Photo credit: americanlibraries)

…and Arthur Frommer listened. The Washington Post reports that the 83-year old travel guru reacquired the rights to his guidebooks from Google after reports indicated Google would cease publication of print copies. Frommer intends to continue both online and print versions. Breathe easier, my friends. For now.

So Long. It’s Been Good to Know Yuh.

This post was originally intended as a reminder that my giveaway for the 3-piece packing cube set ends on Wednesday.

But then I read that Google, after acquiring the Frommer’s series of travel guides seven months ago, is reportedly halting production of the printed books. Although I wholeheartedly embrace every internet tool available to enable and enrich my travel experience, I am sad to see the beginning of the end of packable travel guide books.

Credit: Shutterstock

Credit: Shutterstock

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