Spring Break Planners: Are You an Early Bird or a Late Bloomer?

Robin Williams put it best, as he so often did, “Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’” And, spring break vacations are the ultimate kickoff for seasonal fun.

Or so people tell me.

blooming orchids, one sign that spring break is coming soon

Gorgeous orchids in bloom captured at the New York Botanical Garden. Photo: The Open Suitcase LLC

You see, I’m one of the 3 people in the U.S. who don’t take a spring break vacation.

In college, I was too broke to pony up the money to take a Syracuse to Ft. Lauderdale bus trip with my friends. Instead, I put on a bathing suit and “tanned” in my backyard.

March in New York is not conducive to sunbathing, btw.

And, although my kids begged for a trip to Turks and Caicos or Disney every year, my husband is a CPA, so the spring party doesn’t start for us until after April 15th.

It works for us, budget-wise, though.

an empty tidal pool, a perk of traveling after spring break

A private tidal pool, just for two. Photo: The Open Suitcase LLC

We return to the same Caribbean destination every year during what is considered low season. There are always plenty of award seats for our flights and we get a reduced rate for our villa rental. It’s quiet on the island, so we don’t have to fight for sand space or restaurant reservations.

But I do feel like I’m missing out on something special. In a recent survey on Spring Break Family Travel, conducted by Vacatia, TravelingMom and TravelingDad, respondents indicated that they expect their families to spend 84% of their vacation time together.

That’s a really nice chunk of quality bonding time.

Or, a recipe for disaster if the kids in your family cheat at Monopoly.

Something that surprised me in the survey was that one-third of the respondents intended to go some place new this year. I assumed that spring break was the vacation period when people returned to a beloved destination, like we do. But only 11 percent said they go to the same place every year.

outer banks is a popular spring break destination guys on the beach love it

The he-men gather for a group shot in the Outer Banks. Photo: The Open Suitcase LLC

I also found it interesting that there are nearly equal pots of neurotic, year-in-advance types (19%) as people who wake up one morning, look at the school calendar and realize, “Whoa! My kids are going to be home for 2 weeks starting on Monday!” (28%).

Enjoy yourselves, Spring Break Nation. Consider sending me a postcard while I’m watching your dog, picking up your mail and watering your houseplants.

Make me jealous. Where are you headed for Spring Break?

4 thoughts on “Spring Break Planners: Are You an Early Bird or a Late Bloomer?

  1. Spring break I’m heading to Missouri to visit family, friends and especially the new grandchild. Other than that still waffling about Utah, Arizona, or Florida for April or May.

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