Where Have You Been All My Life, Disney Springs?

What to see at Disney Springs include a hot air balloon for tethered rides.What to See at Disney Springs

I had no idea what to expect when I climbed the stairs to the pedestrian walkway leading to the entrance to Disney Springs.

And I’m glad I didn’t. Continue reading

Help! I Need Travel Ideas for the New Year

The Open Suitcase needs travel ideas for the new year. Where’d you go in 2016? What did you love? Or hate? Leave your suggestions for places to visit, foods to eat, and things to do, or not do, in the comments section for a chance to win some travel inspiration.


The calendar flips in a few days and I need travel ideas for the new year. It’s how I survive winter.

I’m inviting you to play a round of show and tell. Continue reading

Time to Rediscover these Popular 80’s Travel Destinations

Are you watching the new CNN series about the 1980’s? Bad hair. Sad outfits. And the music was either very, very good (The Clash, Madonna, Michael Jackson) or god awful (remember Chris DeBurgh’s “Lady in Red”?).

Here’s a look at 6 destinations featured in the news or on the air during the 1980’s and why you might want to consider them for your vacation this year. Continue reading

South Beach: Spring Break for Boomers

south beach spring break boomers

South Beach? Visions of micro bikinis rollerblading down Ocean Drive filled my head. What’s the appeal for someone who no longer parties like it’s 1983? I happily discovered that Miami’s playground is an exciting 3-day destination with plenty to do even if your raving days are through. Continue reading

Hollywood Magic for Muggles

Warner Bros. StudioJosé was clueless. At the beginning of our group tour, he casually stated, “Oh. By the way, the ‘Friends‘ soundstage is closed for renovations.” The wail that came from the tram sounded like a Jurassic velociraptor attack. My daughter was one of several heartbroken fans. She mewled, “That means I can’t have my picture taken on the couch?”, referring to the legendary Central Perk sofa. Sensing revolution in the air, José went on the defensive. “But, hey. We’ve got a great museum with all kinds of stuff from the Harry Potter movies.” Disaster averted. Continue reading