6 Reasons Why Orlando Theme Parks Aren’t Just for Kids

The team at “Love Orlando Tickets” recently contacted me and asked if I would publish their guest post. For those of you who haven’t thought of Orlando as a destination since the kids left the nest, here are a few reasons why you may want to consider a trip.

Theme parks are always associated with kids but when you talk about Orlando theme parks, it’s a whole different story. Although Orlando theme parks cater to young children they have much to offer adults as well, so if you are going with the entire family, everyone has something to be excited about – besides looking after the little ones.

Orlando Disney

However, many grown-ups actually go to theme parks minus the children to enjoy time alone with partners or friends and let loose without tailing behind their children. Think Orlando for your next girlfriend getaway or couples vacation.

Ways Adults Can Enjoy Their Orlando Theme Park Experience

With a host of amazing theme parks and resorts within the Orlando area, there’s definitely a range of entertainment and events just right for adults or older people where they can have fun. Here are some gorgeous sights, activities and amusements you can enjoy at the different Orlando theme parks. Don’t worry.  You won’t kill your budget either to enjoy the experience. You can get Universal Orlando tickets as well as discounts to other parks through online deal sites or even by buying in bulk.

Special Festivals

Orlando theme parks have included special events on their programs geared for grown-ups such as the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, SeaWorld’s Bands, Brew & BBQ, etc. These are scheduled events, so if you want to experience them, check their calendar for schedules.



SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular, Summer Nights, Viva La Musica, Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration are anticipated events. Universal Orlando allows you to enjoy live music, movies, dancing and dining at Universal CityWalk entertainment complex while Disney’s Hollywood Studios offer Broadway-style musicals, parades and stunt shows.


When you say theme parks, adventure is not far behind. Not only do the kids experience the fun and adventure but adults may also be able to appreciate and be amazed with the adventures at each park. You can play and train dolphins for a day then go on and explore life below the sea at Discovery Cove Orlando. Explorer’s Aviary is a refreshing sight to see where nature is at its best; you can mingle with the colorful birds and listen to their energizing chirps. Epcot’s Dive Quest and Seas Aqua Tour bring you a sea life adventure. These theme parks allow you to feel like a kid again and take in all the fun and exciting thrills.

Leisure and Relaxation

Aside from fun and entertainment, Orlando theme parks provide leisure and relaxation amenities for adults. There are shops for those who want to go shopping and spa and fitness centers for those who don’t want to miss their regular fitness schedules. Don’t worry about cheat days or missing a workout; you can keep up with it all at the park resorts.


Arts and Music

Perhaps after a day of touring a park, you may want to relax a bit and enjoy soulful /rocking music at the (Disney World) House of Blues. You won’t want to miss the Cirque du Soleil for stunning performances and from world renowned acrobats. Sit back and have a few glasses of wine while taking in the unique art and music culture.

Various Dining Experiences

If you are thinking of a breathtaking venue to celebrate your birthday or anniversary together with your partner, Orlando theme parks are the place to be. If you want romantic fine dining, there are hotels around that can offer you what you specifically require. If you want something a bit more fascinating, you may opt to camp out and watch the stars twinkle over you.

Your Orlando theme park experience is never a dull moment, whether you want to spend a day or week. Everything is offered to you, regardless of your interests and regardless of your age.