Fork It! Eat Your Way Out of Winter Weather Blues.

I suspected this winter had reached record suck levels, but it wasn’t confirmed until I saw “Northeast” and “Siberia” in the same headline. There was no January thaw, so the accumulated snow trapped us in a polar prison. Even if you were lucky enough to book an escape, you suffered airport delays, cancellations, reroutes, and the really fortunate ones skidded off a runway at Laguardia last week.

So what’s a poor, frostbit survivor to do? I recommend making a reservation at a destination restaurant and then eating and drinking to excess.

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This is my garden. Martha Stewart says I should plant peas on St. Patrick’s Day. Fat chance. (Photo: The Open Suitcase LLC)

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Do you have a name for your GPS voice? Mine’s Nigel. My husband’s is Mathilda. Whatever persona you’ve assigned them, the relationship deteriorates when they send you into a traffic jam, down a one-way street or begin yammering in the middle of the best part of your favorite song. I’ve decided to end things with Nigel this summer and use maps to get where I need to go. It’s a quaint hobby, somewhat akin to tatting, but I still think it will come in handy when I land a spot on “The Amazing Race”. My first trip this weekend to the bucolic hills of northwest Connecticut began with a missed exit on the Taconic Parkway that lengthened my drive by 40 minutes. Every journey starts with baby steps, right? If you’re looking for graduation gift ideas, why not package up a Rand McNally Road Atlas and some gas money. The recipient will think you’re cheap or crazy, but it might inspire a summer travel adventure.

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Saturday was a cracklin’ good spring day – perfect weather for the 14th annual Trade Secrets garden sale in Sharon, Connecticut.

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Martha Stewart for Dummies: An Easy Photo Storage Solution

Fact of Life #74: People who travel take photographs. Too many, usually. Back in the day, these photos returned from the processing lab and landed in drawers, shoeboxes and shopping bags waiting for the big day when they would “go into the album.” Today, they sit in limbo on your camera phone or SanDisk, one errant finger swipe away from deletion. I recently decided to take a few baby steps towards organizing my photos and turned to the source for all good things, Martha Stewart, for advice.

One of my many messy photo stashes.

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Even Antiquers get the Blues

Antique Week

Could there be anything better than a weeklong antiques fair? Don’t struggle too hard; It’s a trick question.

What’s better is that New York’s scenic Chenango Valley hosts Madison-Bouckville Antique Week (MBAW) in August and it just happens to coincide with the Chenango Blues Fest. I was unaware of the latter when I drove up this weekend to attend the former. Trust me. I won’t be fooled again. Continue reading