Fake It! How to Have a European-Style Country Holiday in Upstate NY

Kent CT

Whose woods these are, I do not know. And I won’t, because there’s a “No Trespassing” sign posted.

Touring the European capitals is on most bucket lists, including mine. But I also want to go off the beaten path and drive Bavaria’s Romantic Road and bicycle through Burgundy. My ultimate adventure involves a Heidi-like “wandern” in a Tyrolean country village with a mountain lake and a herd of goats, because you’re never too old to learn to yodel. Continue reading

A Football Season Ends, But a Giveaway Begins!

I always get incredibly sad on Super Sunday because, as the pre-game shows drag on, I gradually come to grips with the realization that another season has ended and I won’t be getting my weekly football fix for another 6 months. Thank heavens we have an Olympics this year to help fill the void. I forget how much I enjoy speed skating until it returns to television.

My Saturday volunteer shift in Times Square was a wee bit busier than Wednesday night. The dense crowds shuffled down Broadway between exhibits like extras in The Walking Dead. But everyone was in a very festive mood, enjoying the day and the excitement leading up to the game.

This NYPD mounted patrol was the subject of many tourist photos. The officers kindly allowed little kids to pet their horses.

Win this great, commemorative Super Bowl cap!

Thank you for sharing the excitement of the past few weeks with me. As a thank you, I’m running a Rafflecopter giveaway. The prize? Part of my official NFL volunteer attire. Continue reading

Swanky Russian Ski Resorts

SPONSORED POST:  With the 2014 Winter Olympics fast approaching, billions of people around the world will be turning their eyes towards Sochi and the snow-based entertainment that lies ahead. For those who plan on watching as much of the Olympics TV coverage as possible, the dramatic, eye-catching surroundings and miles and miles of perfect powdery white snow will probably create an undeniable yearning to go skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling. The omnipresent TV coverage may perhaps give you the desire to take a snow-drenched vacation sometime soon, and if you want Russia to be your getaway destination of choice, then the following article might be able to assist you in picking where to spend your time.

Krasnaya Polyana Continue reading