A Worthwhile Detour in the Poconos

Open up your monthly calendars for April, May, and June. Have a few bridal showers and graduation parties to attend? If so, and you’re heading to Northeast Pennsylvania to ski Camelback one last time or you’re attempting to win your next car payment in the casinos at Mt. Airy or Pocono Downs, consider a slight detour to stock up on kitchen staples any bride or college grad would be happy to receive.

Fiesta Ware ©The_Open_Suitcase_LLC

It doesn’t matter what you serve because these rainbow-hued plates are guaranteed to make your guests smile.

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Fork It! Eat Your Way Out of Winter Weather Blues.

I suspected this winter had reached record suck levels, but it wasn’t confirmed until I saw “Northeast” and “Siberia” in the same headline. There was no January thaw, so the accumulated snow trapped us in a polar prison. Even if you were lucky enough to book an escape, you suffered airport delays, cancellations, reroutes, and the really fortunate ones skidded off a runway at Laguardia last week.

So what’s a poor, frostbit survivor to do? I recommend making a reservation at a destination restaurant and then eating and drinking to excess.

©The Open Suitcase LLC

This is my garden. Martha Stewart says I should plant peas on St. Patrick’s Day. Fat chance. (Photo: The Open Suitcase LLC)

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Thank you, Polar Vortex

Predictions of a travelpocalypse this holiday weekend kept me close to home. Sitting in a traffic jam is a complete getaway buzzkill, so I stayed off the roads and in my yard. This caused me to notice that everything – the trees, the blades of grass, the tulips – seem so much BIGGER than usual. Have you seen the bees? They look and sound like helicopters.

We’ve enjoyed relatively mild winters in the Northeast until this year. Maybe everything needed a season to go truly dormant. Was the polar vortex Mother Nature’s way of triggering a rebirth? Or am I simply more appreciative after hibernating for 5 months? Whatever the case, I encourage you to get outside. And bring a baseball bat – for the bees.

@The Open Suitcase LLC


Nature and Nurture in da Bronx

©The Open Suitcase LLCConsider this camel’s back broken. The snow that fell Saturday was my last straw. I needed spring and I needed it bad. So I headed to the Bronx.

Stop thinking what you’re thinking. The Bronx is home to the New York Botanical Garden.  Featuring the iconic Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, the Garden is home to all good things flora.  And running now through April 22 is the annual Orchid Show, a dazzling display of common and exotic varieties. The smell alone is worth the $25 admission.

©The Open Suitcase LLC

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