1Thrive Command Center: Organizing Solution that Looks Good!

Are you doing some new year goal setting? Or simply trying to make sense of your bills, to-do lists and the rest of the stuff living in the bottom of your bag? A wall mounted organizing system is definitely a great way to stay focused. 1Thrive offers a variety of attractive, affordable modular home command centers that can help you get it all together.

I received a complimentary organizer from 1Thrive for review purposes. All content, photos and opinions are my own.

New Year’s Goal? Get Organized!

My 1Thrive command center, The Brooke, arrived within 10 days of ordering, despite the busy Christmas shipping season. The box was oversized; awkward, but light enough to carry. Emblazoned with the company slogans – “Command your life” and “Wall Organizing Simplified“, the box was ready to be unpacked and I was pumped to get busy.

Large cardboard box containing a 1Thrive command center
Ah! The promise of an organized start to the New Year was within reach! Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/The Open Suitcase

1Thrive sells 9 different models of wall organizers. Each is uniquely configured to fit a wide range of horizontal and vertical spaces. The combinations feature different modules that are also available for purchase individually so you can mix and match until you have just the right wall organizer to meet your needs.

The command centers all feature a medium tone rustic wood and black metal frame for a very modern farmhouse vibe. My twentysomething daughter hopes they offer a white version in the future. She thought mine was too dark.

Choosing the Right Spot for your 1Thrive

In the Kitchen

When I was raising my littles, I was always in the kitchen. I had a jumbo bulletin board and a chalk board and a refrigerator that accepted magnets. Every square inch was covered with schedules, calendars, invitations, lists and photos.

Somehow, it worked.

Most of the time.

If you’ve got a young family, the kitchen might be the most practical place to hang a 1Thrive command center in your home.

In the Entryway

Always losing your keys? Or need a going out the door reminder to pick up milk? Hanging a 1Thrive wall organizer near your home’s front entrance might work best for you. The Casey command center features a mirror so you can check your look; or you can purchase it as an add-on for one of the other models.

In the Home Office

My laundry room functions as my de-facto home office. I recently installed cabinets and a table that folds against the wall. Its primary function is for folding clothes but it doubles as a counter height desk.

Blank wall in a home laundry room
Because my laundry room doubles as my home office, it’s the right spot to hang my Brooke 1Thrive wall organizer. Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/The Open Suitcase

The laundry room is where I start my day and where I end it. I dump my briefcase in the laundry room and all of my mail when I get home from work and plug in my laptop and phone…out of sight; out of mind.

Hanging my 1Thrive wall organizer in there just makes sense.

Plus the barenaked wall is driving me nuts.

The 1Thrive might also work in a bedroom. But the current models have a very rustic, modern farmhouse look to them. If it works for you, go for it.

The price for the out of the box Brooke unit is $169. It’s very affordable compared to high end units such as Pottery Barn’s Daily Organization System Everyday Kitchen Set which sells for over $350.

The quality of the 1Thrive is good, comparable to World Market.

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What’s in the 1Thrive Box?

The pieces for my 1Thrive command center arrived well packed. And, if I’ve learned anything, the first thing to do is to make sure you’ve got all the pieces. Too many times, I’ve discarded boxes and then realized something was missing and it was probably taped inside.

The Brooke components I received are:

  • Black magnetic base
  • Large horizontal calendar whiteboard
  • Medium weekly magnetic chalkboard
  • Medium corkboard
  • Black metal cups (2)
  • Liquid chalk markers in Silver Lining and Sky Blue (2)
  • Half strip with hooks

Also enclosed was a “Welcome” envelope and hanging hardware.

What 1Thrive does really well is encourage owners to join their online Facebook users group. It’s a great place to swap tips and share organizing ideas.

What they don’t do well? I wish they’d included a couple of magnets and pushpins so I could have gotten started from the jump.

1Thrive Brooke components including calendars, to do chalkboards and pin board.
The Brooke components include a month at a glance whiteboard, weekly to do list, pin board, hooks and storage cups. Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/The Open Suitcase

How to Hang your 1Thrive Wall Organizer

I did find the instructions supplied with the 1Thrive organizer a bit light on info. Screws and wall anchors are included and you’re advised to have a phillips screwdriver and a level, “if you want it straight.”


Come on, man.

So, here’s what I used to hang the Brooke. Unpacking and installation took me an hour and a half, by myself. I’m fairly good at DIY stuff, but not a pro.

tools on a table for hanging a 1Thrive wall organizer
These are the tools I used to hang my 1Thrive wall organizer. Don’t be intimidated. I’m a fusspot. Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/The Open Suitcase

Most of my tool selections are obvious, like a cordless drill for setting a pilot hole for the wall anchors. I used the felt pads on the back of the Brooke base and on the back of the 2 cups to keep them from rubbing against the wall.

Woman's hand holding a Stanley level.
I’m a bit nutsy when it comes to hanging things level. The Brooke was no exception. Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/The Open Suitcase

The Finished Product?

My Brooke was ready to decorate in about an hour and a half from un-boxing. The unit comes with two markers, but no push pins or magnets. And it needed some pretty. So, I headed out to two of my fave shops – JOANN and Paper Source.

My intention is to rock a monthly theme, so January screams “WINTER!” I found these blue and pearl blooms for one of the storage cups, a set of pretty magnets and gold moon-shaped pushpins too.

Blue and pearl blooms fake flowers hanging from a 1Thrive command center
The blue and pearl colors give me a wintry feel without making me shiver! Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/The Open Suitcase

Finally, because I located the Brooke above my folding table, I can’t use the hooks to hang long things like my key fob or the dog’s leash. Two burlap bags hold more bits and pieces like my hole punch, a pad of post-its and pens. I think the burlap complements the modern farmhouse aesthetic. You?

1Thrive command center decorated for winter features The Brooke wall organizer
My 1Thrive command center is ready for action. Hope I’m up for it! Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/The Open Suitcase