On Top of Mt. Beacon…

…NOT covered in snow.

Tip #1 for novice hikers: Do not attempt a 2 1/2 hour vertical climb when the temperature’s hovering around 100°. Nearly wound up in the ER…again. Read about my recent hospital visit and enter for a chance to win a pair of wireless CoolStream Bluetooth headphones.

9 thoughts on “On Top of Mt. Beacon…

  1. The asphalt heated up way beyond what the air temperature should have been, and I suppose some toxic fumes mixed in with it all. One doesn’t think about all the factors when one is riding in the shade, lol.

  2. After hiking in the Canadian Rockies for a few years, the move to Queensland heat in Australia almost killed me! I’m much happier (although also much colder) hiking in Tasmania now 🙂 Really enjoying your blog! Thanks!

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