Top 3 Ways to Get Back to Nature in Tenerife

If you’re heading to Tenerife this year or next, don’t be tempted to stay by the beach or spend your week lazing on a sunbed by the pool. Instead, get out there and discover the best of the island and its many wonderful, natural attractions. Check out Wikitravel on Tenerife to read up on this cracking Canary Island and for some great ideas on how to enjoy the great outdoors.

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Here are three of our favorite ways to get back to nature in Tenerife. Which one floats your boat?

1) Discover the Cliffs of Los Gigantes and Masca

Tenerife’s north-west coastline is home to the incredible cliffs of Los Gigantes – a sheer wall of craggy rock and stone soaring hundreds of feet high. Enjoy the vista from the bay as part of a boat tour, or from a quayside bar with a cool, refreshing glass of beer in hand. Another spectacular portion of this coastline is Masca – a picturesque village clinging to mountainous terrain that’s all but hidden away from the rest of the island. Join a tour and let someone else tackle those hairpin bends while you kick back and enjoy the incredible view.

2) Visit La Gomera

Take the ferry or join a tour to visit the beautiful island of La Gomera. Parque Nacional de Garajonay is a World Heritage reserve that’s home to an abundance of plant life and dense, lush greenery. The island is a remarkable place with many wonderful must-see sights – the cliffs of Mirador de Aganado, Mirador de Vallehermoso for wonderful scenery, Valle de Hermigua – a huge valley, and various historic remains, some associated with the expeditions of Christopher Columbus.

3) Explore the Anaga Mountains

Everyone’s heard of Teide National Park. So why not go somewhere different? Cast out in the far north-eastern tip of the island, beyond capital Santa Cruz, is the beautiful Anaga mountain range. It’s packed with spectacular scenery including plunging ravines, rocky pinnacles and dense forests – a real hiker’s paradise – with criss-crossing trails and many opportunities for off-the-beaten track exploring.

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Arguably the best way to see some of these wonderful places, and indeed to explore Tenerife in full, is to hire a car and go your own way. You can organize car hire at Canarias and enjoy competitive rates along with many great benefits. From plunging ravines to tall craggy mountains, there is so much to love about Tenerife. What’s your favorite part of the island?

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  1. Great article about the island and all there is too see. My family lives there and it’s a great vacation destination. I’ve been to El Teide multiple times and it’s still one of my favorite places to go visit.

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