6 Tips to Make Your Weekend Trip a Breeze


That’s your plane taking off. But you’re still in the parking lot. Ugh. (Photo: Shutterstock)

I have a series of upcoming quick weekend trips with flights out on Friday nights and dreaded early Monday morning returns. These are the jaunts that try one’s soul. I decided to try break some of my usual travel habits to make these weekend getaways easier and less stressful.

Use Mass Transit

I’m a drive and fly person by nature. But Fridays mean traffic and taking the train to the plane will eliminate some of the stress associated with sitting in gridlock as departure time approaches.

Get TSA Pre-Approved

I’ve contemplated going through this process for some time now. I am nervous about giving the feds my fingerprints in case I decide to become a gangsta in my later years. But I’ve grown weary of standing in line with my shoes in my hand. I’ll even pay the extra $15 and spring for the Global Entry option since American Express will ultimately pick up the entire tab.

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I’m a checker, not a schlepper. When you’ve only got 2 1/2 days though, waiting at a baggage carousel for a suitcase that may never arrive is part of nobody’s plan. I’ll carry on and perhaps it will change my way of life. Yeah. Right. And maybe I’ll start rinsing out my undies in a hotel sink. Not in this lifetime.

Delsey International Helium Carry-On

Going full carry-on is a challenge to someone who feels like they need to be prepared for anything and everything. I suppose that’s what my credit card is for? (Photo: Delsey)

Hail A Cab

I love taking a leisurely bus trip from the airport through a new city. Oh. And I hate to pay outrageous airport taxi rates. With a limited amount of time though, I’ll fork over the big bucks and enjoy the door-to-door convenience of a cab.

Pitch the Paper

I like to get up close and personal with my travel documents and prefer the security of printed confirmations. But I’m committing to traveling lighter, so I’ll give my TripIt Pro app a full workout. I’ve used it sparingly to download my flight information, but it claims to be able to merge all of my confirmation emails into a digital itinerary. At this point, I remain skeptical yet hopeful.

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Lights! Phone! Action!

The current ads for Apple’s iPhone 6 feature stunning photographs taken with the device. Despite being a first generation Apple devotee, I continue to take most of my photos with my beloved Panasonic Lumix. For the sake of the weekend getaway experiment, I’ll leave my camera at home and give the iPhone a try. You may hear me sobbing from the Cape, Detroit, or Houston.

Now it’s your turn. Any suggestions for de-stressing a weekend getaway?

Ithaca Waterfall

I like the recent images I’ve captured on my iPhone but looooove my camera. Am I ready to make the switch?


6 thoughts on “6 Tips to Make Your Weekend Trip a Breeze

  1. When it comes to packing I like to choose a color scheme where everything in the bag will mix and match. That limits the shoe needs as well. Try tan, black and white or navy and cream with a pop of color.

  2. I’ve become a devotee of carry-ons! Forced to pack small for a road-trip earlier this year, I found it could be done so on our trip to the UK, we did carry-ons for all of us. For a two week trip. As we were staying in a few vacation rentals, we had the option of washing our clothes, so we only packed 3 outfits each. Since I still had a little more room, I packed a few extra things and then didn’t even wear them. Less laundry when you get home, too 🙂

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