Boys Don’t Make Passes…

…at girls who wear glasses. I’ve Googled around and can’t find the ad I KNOW I remember hearing/seeing back in the ’70’s that shamed near-sighted women. Maybe it was Bausch & Lomb?

simple tip if you forget your glasses when traveling

Without corrective lenses, I’m blind. Not squint-to-read-a-menu blind. I’m talking Mr. Magoo on a bad day. So my travel packing requires contact lens case, solution, and glasses.

And sometimes they get forgot.

It’s annoying because I’ve really tried to get my act together when it comes to pre-packing my travel bath and beauty products.

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Despite my best efforts, the glasses and contacts remain the things I throw in my bag at the last-minute because I can’t pack them until I’ve dressed the day of a trip. Because it was an unplanned spree, I forgot the case, solution, and glasses on my getaway to the Jersey Shore last month. I didn’t realize, of course, until I was getting ready for bed. I rigged a workaround for the contacts using tap water and the top to a Tylenol bottle (never, ever tell this to Dr. Weiss). But I had to stumble around spectacle-less. Since I was staying in a boarding house with shared bathrooms in the hallway, there was the potential for mayhem. “Excuse me, sir. I thought this was the bathroom.” I kissed the linoleum floor in CVS the next morning.

The remedy, of course, would be purchasing a second set of glasses. However, when you are nearsighted to the nth degree, a pair of glasses cost about the same as a Nissan Versa.

I just had my annual checkup and was not surprised to find out that I’d gotten blinder. Leaving the office, clutching my prescription, I decided to look at this as an opportunity, not another step towards the nursing home.

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My daughter had recommended Warby Parker, the online eyeglass retailer, so I figured I’d give them a try. I picked out a bunch of frames to try on at home. Found a pair that I thought made me look like an older (way older) Zooey Deschanel. Sent them all back and completed an online order form, filling in the information from my prescription. A couple of days later, WP sent an email asking for a pupil measurement; I had to take a picture of myself, holding a card with a mag strip under my nose, and then measure the distance between my pupils. This is where I assumed the whole enterprise would fail, but, surprisingly, my glasses arrived a few days later. I can see and they cost $125. Win!

Forget Your Glasses When Traveling? Try This Tip!

My old glasses, a new contact lens case, and a fresh bottle of solution went into my go bag. I’ve always wanted to say “I can be ready at a moment’s notice” and now I can…I think.pack a spare pair to help if your forget your glasses when traveling

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  1. That’s a good feeling, to know you can jet set and not have to worry. Great tip on glasses! I just paid over $400 for a pair for my 6 year old! It’s not an intense prescription either. Glad you didn’t pay Nissan Versa prices:)

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