Is There an Easy Way to Save? The DOSH Cash Back App

Do you feel like you’re missing out on saving money because you never have the right coupon or store loyalty card on hand? A world of discounts is available to shoppers but accessing those discounts isn’t easy. Is the new DOSH cash back app the key to saving $$ simply?

Women shopping and smiling thanks to DOSH cash back app.

The DOSH cash back app offers savings without the hassle. Photo: Shutterstock

“Do you have your loyalty card?”

Stacy, one of the owners of my favorite swimwear/lingerie boutique, posed the question, after she’d rung up my substantial purchase. Why do I love Soleil Toile in Westport? Because they carry a marvelous variety of swim separates and bras for women who can’t shop off the rack in department stores. And they take as much time as you need during fitting sessions. For the privilege, I’m willing to pay a premium.

Fortunately, they have a customer loyalty program, that offers a benefit that was explained to me but I can’t remember the details and it requires a card I can never seem to locate.

It’s the consumer curse.

Discount key tags. 20% off a single item purchase postcards. Friends and family sale days.

Yes. These are wonderful promotions stores offer their customers. But you know what I prefer?

Give me a discount. Every day. On every purchase. That’s a true shopper’s dream come true.

Unfortunately, every time I enter a store and am asked to surrender a coupon to access a discount, I sigh deeply and feel like I’m getting cheated because I never, ever have it with me.

I can see it sitting on my kitchen counter.

Am I condemned to suffer this endless Groundhog’s Day cycle of price punishment?

Heck no.

Looking for a way to save when shopping without coupons and loyalty cards. Try DOSH, billed as the cash back app without the hassle.

I’m always on the hunt for easy ways to save money when shopping. Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/The Open Suitcase

Enter DOSH.

Introducing DOSH Cash Back App

DOSH promotes itself as the cash back app without any hassle.


I downloaded the app and entered my credit card info, after reviewing the DOSH privacy and security information.

And then I prepared to be disappointed.


DOSH promises cash back on purchases. Too good to be true, I thought.

Or maybe not.

The home screen header has 3 options: “Nearby Offers”, “My Offers” and “Online Offers”. “Nearby Offers” is the default. Once I enabled location services, the app populated with local businesses participating in the program. I was delighted to see a neighborhood restaurant I’ve wanted to try offers 7% cash back! Putting that on my to do list!

“My Offers” came up with no listings, until I went back to “Nearby Offers” and made several of the selections favorites. That’s a handy bookmarking feature.

Then I chose “Online Offers”. I have a deep and disturbing online shopping addiction. Getting cash back would help to ease my affliction…somewhat. The first vendor on the list was Fitbit…was DOSH trying to tell me something???

DOSH cash back app online offers

The DOSH app offers savings at local bricks and mortar and online shops. Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/The Open Suitcase

The lengthy list of retailers included many of my favorites such as The Container Store, Lord and Taylor and Sephora. Uh oh. This could get dangerous. Next to the store name is a “Shop Now” button. This takes you through to individual offers for the store.

I headed over to TOMS shoes and saw two offers, one for $10 off and one for free shipping, both with 5.2% cashback. Clicking through on the discount offer, I was taken to the store site.

At this point, I grasped the beauty of DOSH.

DOSH consolidates merchant offers for you. I always miss the promo codes on store websites. You know what I’m talking about…those thin banners with the promo codes. Having them in my face, on my phone, means I’d have to be sleep shopping to miss them.

And I don’t need a “buy 10, get 1 free” loyalty card. Time to start shopping!

Give the DOSH app a try!


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