Why a Luxury Bathrobe Might Be the Best Thing You Buy This Year

In the market for a new bathrobe? Buying a spa-quality robe is an investment you’ll appreciate every morning. Why? Because it elevates your daily shower routine. Walking out of the shower and wrapping your soaky self in a luxury bathrobe feels good. Like you’re on vacation instead of on your way to work.

woman on bed in a luxury bathrobe working on laptop
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I bought my spa bathrobe in 2012. And I’m wearing it as I write this. That’s right. It’s old. And it’s time for a new one, as I look down at the mystery stain I just can’t remove. I’m not hesitating to pull the trigger on the purchase even though it’s the fall, one of my cash-strapped seasons of the year (Tuition! Tax Estimates! Summer Vacation Charges!).

Boca Terry Microfiber luxury bathrobe is a great gift for men and women
It’s time, old friend. My Boca Terry robe and I have shared a lot of morning coffee together. But it’s time for a new one. Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/The Open Suitcase

I can say with confidence that purchasing a luxury bathrobe was one of my best investments.


When I step out of the shower and wrap my robe around me, I pretend that I’m on vacation, staying in a fab hotel and the day’s going to be a most excellent adventure. In reality, it’s a Monday and I’m heading to the office to face 8 hours of papers, phone calls, meetings and complaints.

But in my mind, I’m at the Ritz Carlton in Bali.

So let me tell you about my love affair with the Boca Terry Micro Fiber Robe with Plush Lining.

Boca Terry luxury bathrobes for men and women make great gifts

We met in 2012 in at the Union Station Hotel. It’s a terrific property, located in a converted railroad station within easy walking distance of downtown Nashville. It has one of the most gorgeous lobbies I’ve ever seen with a barrel-vaulted, stained glass roof. Go. You will gawk.

Union Station Hotel ceiling in Nashville rooms have Boca Terry microfiber luxury bathrobes
The gorgeous stained glass ceiling at the Union Station Hotel in Nashville. Photo: Cathy Bennett Kopf/The Open Suitcase

My previous experiences with hotel robes were pleasant but not life-changing. I’m not a fan of waffle weave robes. I think they’re flimsy and don’t offer enough coverage. I also don’t like thick terry cloth robes. Once they get wet, they feel too heavy for lounging. And I’m a lounger.

The Boca Terry robe was a revelation. The lining is a fine micro terry so it’s absorbent yet dries really fast. The exterior feels silky to the touch and, up until this final spillage, rejects stains and retains its good looks despite frequent washings. It’s available in white and other colors, but I prefer the two-tone khaki/white one. It’s classic and elegant.

It's time to start shopping for hoidays? Know someone who appreciates the finer things? Or maybe it's time to treat yourself. A spa quality luxury bathrobe is a great gift. #holidaygifts #touchofluxury #mornings #hotelstyle

The Boca Terry bathrobe has 2 large pockets to carry your bits and pieces. There’s an exterior loop for hanging the robe but I felt it was a bit flimsy so I’ve always hung the robe on my bathroom door hook by the collar.

The robe is offered with one size fits all sizing (advertised as Medium/Large). I’m 5′ 7″ with an athletic build (that’s my way of revealing that I’m about 20 pounds overweight). It fits just right. A great feature is the two sets of belt loops to help you get the right fit around your waist. There are plus sizes available too.

And, at $68.99, the Boca Terry Microfiber luxury bathrobe is an affordable splurge.

Buy it for yourself. Buy another as a gift. ‘Tis the season, don’t you know, to start shopping for the loved ones on your holiday gift list.

Have you ever purchased a hotel robe?