15 Recipes for Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Pamper your Mom this year with a special gift – make her breakfast in bed! Gather the essential elements – a small bouquet of flowers, a pretty serving tray and then get in the kitchen. You don’t need to be a master chef, especially with these 15 easy recipes for Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. Oh. And don’t forget the Bloody Mary!

breakfast tray for breakfast in bed for Mother's Day
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My Mother’s Day celebrations have looked suspiciously like Father’s Day…we get together for a backyard BBQ. Because, after a long winter, it always feels like a waste of nice spring weather to head to a restaurant for a Mother’s Day brunch.

What I’ve wanted on my special day…just once…would be a relaxing and indulgent Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. It’s a wonderful way to show your love and gratitude to Mom for all she does.

Day in and day out.

Year after year.

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The Ultimate in Pampering

Making breakfast in bed for a loved one is a special gift. It can be romantic – have you ever celebrated Valentine’s Day this way? It can also be just for fun. I lost a bet in college once and had to serve the winner his morning meal. My friend passed away not long after graduation; I still remember him with a smile every time I think about serving him breakfast in bed.

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Essential Items for Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Sure. You need food. But before you head to the kitchen, you’ll need to gather some other things.

Serving Tray

A serving tray for breakfast in bed is one of those items that you probably think you don’t need, but then when you do need it, you regret not having one. If you’re unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, these are rectangular trays with legs.

Think of the heroine in any olde English novel who spends hours in bed with the vapors. Her butler’s always serving her food on a tray that stays nicely balanced while she’s propped up by dozens of pillows.


Nothing says love like flowers. And, fortunately, you don’t need a break the bank bouquet for Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.

Head out to the garden and snip something dainty and pretty. Tie a ribbon around a small mason jar and – voila – instant charm.

Place Setting

Sure. You can grab a plate from the kitchen but why not go all out? A local secondhand shop is sure to have fancy dishes and teacups and such for not a lot of coin.

Mix and match something fun. It’ll put a smile on Mom’s face for sure.


Don’t forget the menu. Once you’ve decided on what you’re going to make, download this FREE printable menu and fill it out. It doubles as your Mother’s Day card.

What to Serve for Breakfast in Bed?

Don’t know where to begin to come up with recipes for Mom’s Day? Think about the best brunch you ever had and try to replicate it. If Mom likes pancakes, whip up a batch of buttermilk flapjacks – don’t forget the maple syrup! Or try something much harder, like a classic eggs benedict. Even a yogurt parfait will put a smile on Mom’s face, when it’s served with love.

Here’s a collection of 15 gorgeous and delicious Mother’s Day breakfast in bed recipes to get you started. Whether your mom likes a traditional breakfast, is super health conscious or prefers something more decadent, there’s a recipe here for her.

Get up early and prep a treat. It can be as simple as scrambled eggs. Serve them with a little coffee or tea (maybe buy a pretty cup she can use every other day of the year?) and fresh squeezed orange juice. Or a lot of vodka in a super spicy Bloody Mary. If you’ve got time the day before, whip up a loaf of Southern Living banana bread and include a slice on the side. Amp up the “Love you, Mom” with a cute serving tray and some pretty flowers. She’ll love it.

And don’t forget…you do the dishes too. That makes this a complete Mother’s Day gift!

15 Delicious Recipes for Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

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