Where Did I Put That Boarding Pass?

This post is intended for my fellow Luddites who print their travel documents. My phone is never fully charged so relying on it for boarding passes, maps, and itineraries is reckless. I am more secure knowing I have a piece of paper in my possession with my name printed alongside a flight or hotel or car reservation.

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Martha Stewart for Dummies: An Easy Photo Storage Solution

Fact of Life #74: People who travel take photographs. Too many, usually. Back in the day, these photos returned from the processing lab and landed in drawers, shoeboxes and shopping bags waiting for the big day when they would “go into the album.” Today, they sit in limbo on your camera phone or SanDisk, one errant finger swipe away from deletion. I recently decided to take a few baby steps towards organizing my photos and turned to the source for all good things, Martha Stewart, for advice.

One of my many messy photo stashes.

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