Why Can’t a Woman Travel More Like a Man?

Lean in. I’m no Sheryl Sandberg and can’t offer any suggestions for working like a man to achieve your career goals. However, here’s one way you can travel like a man and inject some sanity into your vacation preparations.

Let’s take an informal poll. What is the thing you dread most about traveling? I have a hunch that packing is near the top of most lists. I troll for ways to streamline the process, convinced there exists a system to diminish the Home Alone chaos that begins each of our family vacations.

One of the many suggestions I’ve read, considered and promptly ignored through the years is “maintain a pre-packed toiletry bag.” As we got closer to departing on a family cruise and visions of forgotten children danced through my head, I decided this was the year to pack my kit bag in advance. Continue reading