25 Printable Cruise Packing Lists: Bring What You REALLY Need

Taking a cruise vacation this year? A printable packing list is essential to help you decide what you need to bring and, more importantly, what you can leave behind. Here are 25 of the best printable cruise packing lists, sorted by type of cruise, to help you choose the right one.

Celestyal Cruise ship in Greece-what to bring on a cruise is easy if you use a printable cruise packing list
Before my Greek cruise, I worried about what to pack. A good list is the key to easing pre-trip anxiety. Photo credit: Cathy Bennett Kopf

Packing for a cruise involves much more than throwing clothes and a few items into your suitcase and calling it a day, as if you were going on a three-day road trip in your home state. You’ll be stopping at different ports of call that might require specialty items. For example, if you’re taking an Alaskan cruise, one of your excursions might involve hiking, so you’ll want appropriate footwear.

Different ships have different dress codes. Although most cruise lines have abandoned formal dress for dinner, requiring tuxedos and gowns, some still ask you to up your evening game. Most of my packing anxiety stems from not knowing what to expect. Since I’m a fairly inexperienced cruiser, I defer to experts to help me make my packing decisions.

Make your packing simple and easy with one of these 25 printable cruise packing lists.

printable cruise packing lists pinnable image

Consider Your Ports of Call

Consider the type of cruise you’re taking. Are you going on an adventurous Alaskan cruise, a relaxing cruise on the Mediterranean or are you going to need to pack a family for a fun Disney cruise? What will the weather be like at your ports of call? Do you know the dress code on your cruise? Are there any theme nights to plan for? 

Less is More

The prime benefit of a good cruise packing list is to help you bring only what you really need and to leave the rest behind. Cruise cabins are small, sometimes painfully so. What you really don’t want to bring are large suitcases and a ton of stuff to make them feel even smaller.

If you can whittle your wardrobe down and pack in a soft-sided duffle bag, I highly recommend it.

A Printable Packing List is Your Best Friend

There are so many questions, and one of these lists will provide your cruise packing answers. Choose your cruise and the free printable list that fits your packing needs. Even veteran cruise travelers may find something they have not considered before. 

Here are the top printable cruise packing lists, sorted to help you find the right one for you.

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