Packing Essential Attire: Quick Tips on What to Pack


SPONSORED POST:  Whether you are planning to book P&O cruises or you are choosing to secure one of the luxury cruise deals to faraway shores, packing your suitcase is one of the most important aspects of pre-cruise organization. Make sure you don’t get overburdened by sticking to these handy tips and advice.

Step away from last-minute packing and plan your suitcase requirements in advance, so that you’re not faced with panic when you realise, the day before departure, that your belongings won’t fit – even if you sit on the case while trying to close it. What you take with you for a cruise can impact your enjoyment of the trip; there may be boutiques and shops on board but if you forget your favorite shoes, or your bought-specially-for-the-occasion Kindle, there’s no replacement. Take your time, write a list and compromise on the unnecessary to ensure your must-have items are packed.

Check the dress codes before you embark on your cruise. If there’s a formal requirement in the evenings, pack accordingly. Alternatively, take heed when the cruise line says there is no formality required, because you don’t need to bother packing your favourite tux or cocktail dress. Instead, pack some smart/casual clothes that can be dressed up and down, to maximize their usage.

Pack light if you’re willing to do your laundry as you go. Pack some detergent and wash things through in your cabin, or pay for the service once or twice depending on the length of the cruise.

Think carefully about what shore excursions you’ll be participating in. If you’re planning on guided walks, pack comfortable shoes. If you’re opting for lazy days on the sandy beaches, pack your flip flops.

Take a multi-purpose cardigan or two to keep the evening chill off your shoulders. Pashminas are fantastic for this, as well as being a beautiful layer during dinner and strolling on deck.

Most of all, make sure that you are happy wearing what you pack. The most important thing is comfort – if you’re not happy in your attire, you won’t enjoy this experience of a lifetime quite as much.

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